“Happily ever after is not a fairy tale. It’s a choice.”

Destination weddings are a new trend catching up people’s attention. Be it getting away from the chaotic life of metro cities, or the thrill of this unknown but exotic land. Without a denial, some people get fascinated by the sands and the beaches whereas some, royalty-seeking souls, are amused by the heritage, wishing for a traditional touch and go for the theme of a wedding which makes them live like royals in this present modern world. To get to experience these vibes at one wedding is now made possible. With the most vibrant colors, the most authentic foods and the most benevolent hospitality, a wedding venue like those of the maharajas in Jaipur is all that you need. A destination wedding in Jaipur is quite in-demand as Pink City is a major tourist attraction spot since ages – is highly sought after venue for destination weddings. Holding prime importance in every couple’s life, it becomes more magical when you actually get to live like a Maharaja and a Maharani on your big day.

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We will list for you the options under best venues, glorious decor, heart-stirring food and music, age-old traditional rituals and awe-inspiring attires. Whether you wish to splurge to your heart’s content or save a dime on the big-day, there is something for every size of pocket for a memorable destination wedding in Jaipur. A variety of options to pick from, for all the people – families, extended families, relatives, friends, friends of friends and everyone else on your wedding guests’ list.

All in all, who wouldn’t prefer a completely traditional wedding with the heritage touch anyway, that too, in none other than the pink city itself – the royal destination wedding in Jaipur.

Let’s look at the possible and striking options under the various categories for destination weddings in Jaipur:


Though our wedding designers will take you through all the possible venues for a destination wedding in Jaipur, we have listed a few popular ones here.

The first thing that comes to mind while planning for a destination wedding in Jaipur is the venue and the accommodation for you and your guests. But, worry not, as you’re in perfect luck with Jaipur as there is an ample availability of hotels and palaces for all who would prefer a complete traditional wedding.

Samode Bagh Palace is one such option, where The Vogue magazine’s cover page was shot at the grand Samode Bagh Palace with the highest-paid and super-famous international model Kendall Jenner. An Indian actor Sushant Singh Rajput also shot a movie here, making the Samode Bagh Palace more than apt and in demand amongst the modern couples these days.

Next up, we have the grand City Palace – City Palace is one spectacular palace that attracts most of the people simply to praise its one-of-a-kind-beauty, making the visitors end up coming to Jaipur for just a glimpse. Be it the wedding celebrations or, the pre- or post-wedding events, City palace is one quick and easy decision. There Are many beautiful Venues in Jaipur for the royal wedding.

To add a modern hue to our young couples’ wedding venues’ selections – you can opt out of Raj Palace Hotel, Hotel Diggi Palace or Nazarbagh Palace. Other than these, you can also go for booking an entire fort for the destination wedding in Jaipur, to avoid the inconvenience of guests’ staying in far-off hotels – one such option is Alila Fort.

Destination Wedding in Jaipur

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Decoration can make your wedding look exactly the way you have imagined. Decoration varies from the types of functions to the number of functions. You can decide and choose from the wide array of available themes for decorations for a perfect fairytale destination wedding in Jaipur. When it comes to Rajasthan, people prefer vibrancy and grandeur. Luckily you name it and Jaipur has it. You can either go for a Day Wedding Theme to emphasize on the flowers and warm colours. On the other hand, if you wish to have an Evening Wedding when you can keep the central focus on the latest fancy lightings.

Both the types or any other that you opt for will include an ideal entry of the bride and groom, the mandaps, stage, lighting, round tables with exquisite lace-y decor and the freshest flowers, just to name a few. With the trend of fresh flowers imported from other countries, lillies and orchids have taken the markets and are very much loved by the wedding planners in Jaipur and the guests themselves. New styles of mandaps have been introduced along with the variety in the types of stage(s). The chairs are made pretty, the decoration on the food counters and dinner tables makes you wonder the work done by those people who came together and made a destination wedding in Jaipur a reality. Wedding is the result of the efforts made by the vendors,waiters,and the teams which helps in making it possible.


You can always chooses your budget over decorations and our experienced wedding planners of Jaipur will give you the best options and will provide you with the precise quotes listing the Cost of Weddings in Jaipur. The average cost of the decorations for a destination wedding in Jaipur can range from anywhere at INR 80,000 and go upto as high as INR 30,00,000.


Decorations at a destination wedding in Jaipur are as important as the food. As is believed, food is actually the last thing everyone remembers, apart from the bride’s attire. People love the traditional food and this is one of the major reasons of going for a destination Wedding in Jaipur. Caterers in Jaipur focus mainly on the Rajasthani cuisines in vegetarian type, they are equally adept with other indian and continental cuisines in both vegetarian and nonvegetarian types. Be it vegetarian or nonvegetarian, everything at a destination wedding in Jaipur is cooked with the best quality food ingredients. The wedding planners in Jaipur ensure that the food leaves an everlasting impression on the guests giving them to taste Jaipur’s exclusivity through the most traditional dishes. The catering is mostly done on per-plate system and the prices of one plate depends on the caterer you appoint. Wedding food menu includes a variety as per the seasons. Providing a huge menu for food, the wedding planners in Jaipur can be easily customized according to your demand and budget. Jaipur Wedding Planners suggest you the best menu to opt for in different seasons. Best prices are anywhere between INR 800 and INR 2500 per plate.

Traditional Rituals

Jaipur wedding planners list the traditional rituals which are demanded or expected in a destination wedding in Jaipur. They emphasize on including the major and most enjoyable events like the Mehendi and Sangeet ceremony, Haldi ceremony, and a Cocktail party if asked for, and then of-course the main day of the wedding. The traditional rituals are adjusted and finalised as per the guests’ religions and choices. The wedding planners in Jaipur all understand the respect different castes and the fact that each hold a different ritual in their weddings. The wedding planners in Jaipur will ensure once you make a decision. In addition, the DJ for the night and Choreographers for the Sangeet and Mehendi Ceremony, all are arranged on demand, requirements and budget.

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The state of Rajasthan, is all about Folk dances and Folk music. For the twirls and thumkas, you can choose the playlist and music. The music on the wedding day is supposedly shehnai and Dholak is preferred by most people. Your demands of the music depends totally on you and your family. With different functions, different styles of music can be selected. You can have a lovely Sufi Night and on the other day, you may want to have a Live music Set up, done. According to your preferences, the music choices can be carried out.


Photography is an essential part as it makes us remind of all those happy moments at your destination wedding in Jaipur. With a good photography, you can re-live those precious moments years after years.

Photography at a destination wedding in Jaipur is no longer is the way it used to be. It now includes a higher and most advanced ways of capturing every moment the way you would want to. There are options to pick from – Traditional photography in which photographs are taken with the people posing knowingly. It includes an eye to eye contact of people with the camera. The other contemporary and new in trend is Candid photography. Candid photography captures everything unknowingly and makes that moment more relatable and realistic. Same goes with the videography which also has a traditional way covering each and everything or the Cinematography which makes your wedding video look like a film. It is all directed in a way of a film and you can also record interviews of your family members and close friends. You can choose all these options according to your demand and your budget. Number of cameras decide the budget of the photography. A Photography team mostly covers 3 major days before the wedding and the budget is set accordingly. The package includes minimum fixed sheets and its delivery, apart from what is listed by your chosen photographers. A wedding planner in Jaipur can take you through the best available options.


When it comes to the wedding dress, you just want the best of all as hundreds of people will have their eyes on you. The functions before wedding and the wedding day itself are those in which the bride and the groom must be adorned with nothing but the best.

Our wedding planners in Jaipur tell us the major places where you can find what you are looking for. Some of them for bride’s attire are Rana’s, Vasansi, Zari, and Gotta. Yes, these are the names of the most popular wedding attire showrooms. These places will give you the real traditional flavors with their ethnic work done by their amazing artisans who are famous for their handcrafted and intricate work.

For the groom, the options differ and you can go with Karan Pratap Couture, Saudre and Rajwada. These will be all traditional looks for the Sherwanis and can be customized if any particular changes are required.



Jaipur is the land of jewels. For the most exquisite jewelry, what other than the Amrapali Jewels can be – Amrapali Jewels is most loved by the people and is even one of the favorite of our Bollywood celebrities. Amrapali Jewels will give you the best in both artificial as well as authentic jewelry – gold, emeralds, ruby, anything that you want. With its exclusive designs, you will certainly be spoilt for choice and will fall in love with their collection.


Without a doubt, people love the bandhani duppattas, clutches and potlis which is returned as a gift to the guests who had attended the wedding. It is like a souvenir plus a return gift that is is happily accepted and cherished by everyone. You can make a package of two or three things and order them as there are a variety of vendors available in Jaipur. They will give you options of gift items in your budget and you can choose and customize accordingly. Gift items with reasonable pricing and a beautiful on-time delivery is made available by our wedding planners in Jaipur. Famous vendors for this work are Royal Rajasthan, Handcrafted Halt, among many others.

Wedding Planners – Choosing the right team for your dream wedding is very essential. Wedding planners are people who make your dream wedding come to life. With trying to work out with everything, we end up either spoiling it or working too hard which makes us miss out on all the fun ourselves. The important moments in life become all the more happier when we have the right mindset to experience those moments.

A wedding planner does the same work in the same budget with innovative ideas which makes the wedding more beautiful and happier. Hiring a wedding planner is the best way to enjoy the wedding to your fullest. As the burden is lessened, by a team working for you, the Wedding planner in Jaipur help you let go of all your anxieties and problems. The wedding planner in Jaipur will manage everything well enough and will let you enjoy the wedding with your near and dear ones. There is a definite budget set for everybody planning a wedding and hiring a wedding planner. The first priority of the wedding planner will be to understand the requirement and understand the business well enough to execute it well. The team promises cost effective performance, accountability, flexibility and a friendly service which makes the family members be comfortable in private functions as well. They manage an event as if it is their own with a highly trained staff and swift service.

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Best time for a wedding in Jaipur: Not to forget, the best time for a wedding to happen in Jaipur is during the winter months, i.e. October onwards until the first few weeks of March. The wedding clothes, wedding food, almost everything is supposed to be heavy, which during the summers spoils the fun and becomes somewhat unmanageable. Winters have a different equation with weddings — everything during these cool months seem beautiful — the colors shine bright, the food gets tastier and with the warmth of your beloved people, it becomes magical. Favorite Indian desserts like Gajar ka Halwa, Moong Daal ka Halwa or even the chilly avocado honey ice cream make more sense during the winter months — adding a silver lining to the food preparations at a destination wedding in Jaipur. Winters are all about hot desserts, chai, bonfire, sun bathing, nuts, the list goes on and on.

Overall Cost of a destination wedding in Jaipur: The overall cost of a destination wedding becomes a matter of concern as people start thinking that it would cost much more than  their actual budget. Fortunately, a Destination wedding in Jaipur can easily be hosted within an approximate mediocre budget. As a minimum, a sum of INR 20 lakh, for around 100 guests,  including the basic necessities like the accommodation, venue of the wedding, food and other small vendors, is doable. This might be just the flights’ price that you pay when you plan a wedding in an international wedding location. The approximate cost also depends on the mode of travel, the venue, number of guests, levels of extravaganza at each functions, and so many other aspects. The overall cost of a destination wedding in Jaipur also depends on the number of functions you are willing to hold as it increases your staying days in the city.

Now that you’ve lists to spoil yourself with, planning a destination wedding in Jaipur would be hopefully much easier and stress free.

All that you need to know is in this article, but, feel free to reach out to us, for any queries.

We named it, now you plan it, for a royal Destination Wedding in Jaipur.

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