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Pearl of the Orient

Goa is another famous place for destination weddings. It feels good to think of an auspicious wedding under the naked blue sky with horizons wide open. Goa offers a heavenly scenic beauty to the eyes, and it is indeed a paradise for destination weddings. Everyone acquires a dream of doing something special, and Goa can gift you something special this time.


Ramada Caravela Beach Resort


    All about Destination Wedding in Goa

  The naked beach, the waves and the beautiful sunset set, a perfect mood for the ceremony. With the soothing and inspiring Boho beach vibes, Goa for beach Wedding becomes the most popular destination. Surprise your guests with local delicacies cooked to perfection or choose the perfect season to experience nothing short of perfectly balmy weather at this popular beach destination. As Goa is the party capital of the country, so having a Bachelors in Goa sounds good too. So you kill two birds with one arrow. The best place to have your bachelor party would be the nightclubs. A destination wedding in Goa can be a huge deal!


Why you must marry in Goa?

Why you must marry in Goa

If you have been thinking of planning a destination wedding, there can’t be a better option than to get married at the beach. Your wedding gown flowing in the gentle breeze as you gaze lovingly into your loved one’s eyes as you say ‘I do.’?   The mountains of Switzerland and the flower beds at Amsterdam aside, a destination wedding in Goa gives you the perfect fairy tale wedding at half the budget. So now your dream wedding will come true and be light on the pocket as well.

Having a wedding at Goa also saves you from the hassle of finding another vacation spot for your honeymoon as Goa is a popular hotspot for honeymooners. It not only provides you with excellent visuals, but it is also a must for adventure lovers, be it paragliding or scuba diving, snorkelling or any other water sport. Goa will have you and the guests all wrapped up in your free time.

If it were about ten years ago, A Goan wedding would have been close to impossible since the wedding industry was not as flourishing as it is today, but now with the availability of the best hotels, event managers, suppliers and decorators, Holding your wedding in Goa today, is nothing more than a breeze.


Where in Goa should your wedding be?

So, now that A Goan wedding has been decided it’s time to determine what part of Goa is best to hold weddings. Here we share with you the pros and cons of North and South Goa.

North Goa
North Goa

There can be no better tourist spot than North Goa. The beaches are always milling with people regardless of time. Tourists choosing to stay at North Goa will have no time to get bored. The place is filled with shacks and pubs to hang out at and to spend your evenings chilling. You can see streets filled with tourists cruising on their rented motorbikes. Hippy people who love to party choose this part of Goa to make their vacation memorable. As for weddings, there are very few luxury hotels and even fewer resorts, but you can slay the wedding if you find the right banquet hall for the occasion and an inn close by to the venue.

South Goa

South Goa

South Goa is a haven for people looking for more space, peace, and serenity. It is not as crowded as North Goa and has more peacefulness and the best visuals. What makes it better is that you have a lot more options to choose from. It could be a luxury hotel or resort, the icing on the cake is that most of the resorts have private beaches, making accommodation and traveling easier for you and the guests. Every hotel and resort has beautiful landscapes and indoor halls which cater to your needs for different functions and occasions.

Verdict – Personally, we recommend you to go with South Goa. It has all that is needed to plan the perfect wedding, the best visuals, and the best venue.


Top 5 wedding venues 

The venue is what deserves the most attention when planning a wedding. Compromising aside, we recommend you give your guests the most beautiful memories to reminisce about so give them the best experience possible. The accommodation for guests can be pretty expensive so you can sort it out and save a few pennies by pairing kids up with their parents by paying for extra mattresses and double occupancy.

Now the big question Is – where to hold the wedding? Which hotel is the best to hold weddings? We will save you from all confusion and help you decide on one of the top 5 hotels and resorts in Goa.

Grand Hyatt Resort
Grand Hyatt Resort

The Hyatt line of hotels are well known for their hospitality, And this masterpiece from Hyatt sprawls over 28 acres of beautiful landscape. The serene view of the bambolina bay is the cherry on the top. They are one of the best hotels in Goa. They have spacious banquet halls that are grand in scale, the service is tremendous, and they pay much attention to the guest’s needs. You can be assured to get exactly what you need. The function rooms have been elegantly designed, keeping all needs in mind. The decor themes have no competition. They have the right venue for you – be It large or small. They have three wedding venues so that you can choose which best suits your needs.

Alila Diwa
Alila Diwa

This resort is well known around Goa as It is one of the top resorts there. They have three outdoor wedding venues with stunning visuals and two indoor venues. They have five wedding venues in total, giving you more options to choose from. Alila diwa is pretty famous for Its attention to even the most minute details at the functions they hold. The staff Is well-known for its swift service and etiquettes. All you need to is tell them how you want your dream wedding to be, and they will make sure It happens. This Is one of South Goa’s best, and you wouldn’t really want to look for a more perfect place once you have been here.

Reis Magos fort

This venue Is probably the most famous amongst the wedding planners. It has a classy vintage feel to It, and the architecture is pure Portugal style. It was built In 1551 by the Portuguese rulers. It is grand in scale and is well known for its service and attention. It provides several Venue Options suitable according to your preference. Be it a huge gathering or a small one with loved ones. Their packages are pretty tempting, and so is the waterfront venue. There is also an Outdoor courtyard for outdoor functions. They are famous for holding local events like art exhibitions, workshops, and small events. It is situated in Bardez and the best venue in North Goa. We recommend you to check It Out.

Bogmallo Beach Resort
Bogmallo Beach Resort

This was the first ever luxury resort in Goa. Within sight of the white sands of the Bogmalo beach, it is not more than ten minutes from the airport. It is saving on transportation charges for those on a budget. They have beautiful outdoor landscapes where you can hold functions and a banquet hall. The backdrop of the beautiful sea provides enough decor, and you can have your pre-wedding session photoshoot here. It has a unique aura to it and is extremely beautiful. It also offers excellent service, and the staff is guest friendly. It is suitable for wedding events, parties,  cocktail dinners, and get-togethers.

The Zuri White Sands Resort Goa
The Zuri White Sands Resort Goa

This resort has the most romantic vibes, the white sand beach serve as a good visual, and the Portugal architecture even more so. They have beautiful lawns and four venue areas. Two outdoor for your dream beach wedding. They have lawns for events and spacious banquet halls. It is the most popular amongst the rich and famous. It has the longest beach in Goa. The two wedding halls are named as the Unicorn hall and the oyster hall. The Zuri white sand resort is the best wedding hall in South Goa, no questions asked. They have the best Goan cuisine and well known for their pan Asian cuisines as well. This is one place that has mouth-watering food and the best service. We can assure you that this place will give you the perfect wedding and more.

As for the other things since you are unfamiliar around the streets of Goa, you can leave all the planning to capable hands. All you have to do is pamper yourself and relax for the big day and leave all the other stuff to the experts.

We hope all goes well according to plan and your wedding is exactly how you desire.

Our favorite Goan venues

Goan Wedding Functions

There are multiple functions at a wedding. It’s up to you how many functions you choose to plan. You can choose to have a one-day wedding, investing all of your budgets into one function and give the guests a breath-taking occasion to talk about and remember for ages or you can accommodate much fun in different functions.

Marriage is incomplete without the fun of having a bachelor/bachelorette party and spending time with your friends. The party can be held at the local night clubs – after all Goa is well known as a party hub and loved by people from all over the world.

The celebrations are then followed by Mehendi, Sangeet, haldi, and then it all ends with the main function – the grand wedding. If you are holding it at a resort or hotel, you can choose different halls or opt for keeping functions at the lawn, and the wedding at the beach. Don’t forget to sprinkle the occasions with your uniqueness, even a little can make your wedding different from the usual, and it will help the guests spark a conversation with each other and get along well.


Most popular wedding themes in Goa

  1. A serene fairy tale beach wedding :
    A serene fairy tale beach wedding

We say choose a luxury resort, organize a classy, minimal wedding at the beach.  Almost all resorts come with a beach view.  All you need for a wedding that looks like it’s pulled out of a fairy tale are gorgeous hues and drapes of silver, white and blue, flower arrangements of beautiful white roses for the decor and bright fairy lights to make up for the subtle atmosphere. We assure you that a wedding like this can never go wrong.

We favor Agonda above all; it’s a large village located in Canacona in South Goa district, and Agonda beach is well known.

  1. Party themed wedding :
    Party themed wedding

The Calangute beach is the right pick for the Couples who love partying and want fun-filled weddings with music and a dance floor where your guests never get bored. The gorgeous beaches with beautiful visuals and various options of nightlife venues close by will give you a picturesque wedding that guest will remember for ages to come.

  1. A traditional Goan wedding :
    A traditional Goan wedding

If you are in love with the Konkani tradition and want a Traditional Goan wedding. Then Mapusa is the perfect spot for you. Mapusa has few tourists, beautiful European style churches, cute cottages, elegant colonial bungalows and houses, and galleries to pop in and out of. All the traditional occasion Goa lays in this beautiful town.

  1. Traditional yet chic wedding :
    Traditional yet chic wedding

In love with tradition but also want it to be a luxurious extravaganza? Here is a venue you can’t say no to. It is Panjim, of course. Panjim will keep your guests occupied as it is well known for its churches, architecture, and restaurants. A perfect blend of luxury and tradition it is.

  1. Serene backwaters:

    Serene backwaters:


Wedding jitters and excitement? Want to relax?

There is no other place better than Bardez.  Especially the Olaulim resort will perfectly suit your needs. Hearing the rhythm of the flowing water is nothing but pure magic to relax your nerves.



Yup, we are talking about the decor. To give your wedding that ‘Oooh’ factor you need all the props you can get your hands on. From photo booths, selfie frames and photo corner for your guest’s entertainment and memories to hashtag, sashes and posters, lanterns and streamers.

All the fun that comes with theme weddings is enjoyable not only to the guests but to the hosts as well. Use all of your imagination to give your guests a night to remember. A decor that goes with the theme and a dress code that makes everything even elegant or quirky. What you want is completely for you to choose, it could be anywhere from tuxedos to sherwanis, matching colors or superheroes.

For the theme of the boho culture of a beach city. Use a yellow Vespa, an auto, a surfboard, an umbrella and a mat, Ferris wheel, hats, birdcage or fans, flowers, and banners. Such decor depends on how much you plan to spend on the props and decor. Despite the number of guests, wedding decor can range anywhere from five lakhs to fifteen lakhs for all events. If you want it to be light on your pocket, you can rent and use the same props for several events in various ways.


Fun, Baarat & Entertainment
Fun, Baarat & Entertainment

Entertaining guest is an important criterion to make a wedding successful. You have a whole lot of options.  You can invite Goa’s local bands and musicians or DJ’s for Mehendi and Sangeet. For about two days, the range can be anywhere between 50,000 -1,00,000.

As for the wedding, A prince can’t do without a horse, and the bride can’t be bid farewell without a palki and dholak. These are easily available around Goa all you need to do is ask or leave it to the wedding planners. You can incorporate jazzy music and the decoration to compliment your theme. For the wedding you can hire DJ’s, Goan artists, special performers or even celebrities all depending on the amount you are ready to spend. Hiring an elephant is pretty expensive so you can go for a horse carriage or a vintage car. This can range between 50,000 – 1, 50,000.


Food, Delicacies and Cuisine
Food, Delicacies and Cuisine


A wedding is incomplete without lip-smacking food. Plan the courses accordingly as well as the beverages. For example, the starters, the main course, and the dessert. In Goa, you can taste palettes of different countries in one place. To capture the heritage of Goa, incorporate Goan dishes and regional drinks into the menu.

The hotels offer different rates according to the plan you choose. Luxury hotels don’t allow drinks from outside so you may have to ask them to cater to your needs, yes it will be a lot more expensive including taxes than it would be if you import them from outside.

You can excite the guests’ taste buds by displaying different counters of food from around the world or counters for customizable ice creams, gelatos, kulfis, candy floss, and chocolate fountains or chats and fast food.

The hotels generally charge per plate depending on the wedding plan you opt for; you cannot cater from outside if you are holding your wedding at a hotel it’s against the rules. When you book they give you a palette testing service to decide on what menu you want to be served on your big day. The buffet saves you from all the chaos and frustration in arranging all of it.


Intracity travel

A destination wedding in Goa or anywhere needs many preparations, especially for the guests. They are here to spend your special day with you, so you need to arrange everything for them, let it be rooms or pickups or any other needs of theirs.

Generally, every five-star hotel has free shuttles to pick up their guests from the airport. All you have to do is check their time slots and inform the guests. The hotels also arrange shuttles to take you to hot spots for tourists, so this is a bonus for your guests, they get free transport. All you need to do is inform the days destination and the time slots at the reception. If there are more of you, you can even request then if you want to be picked or dropped at a particular time.

Traveling in cabs is pretty expensive in Goa so you can either hire a minivan for many people or your guests can hire a car or a bike for a reasonable amount. After giving the deposit, you will have to pay for petrol and rent. If you fill it up before you give it back, it’s cheaper.


Capturing Goan wedding in your memories

When it comes to videography and photography, We recommend you hire the best even if it means you have to pay for the airfare after all these memories are looked at often and reminisced about.

The memories of the special day are meant to be etched forever. You can warm up with some pre-wedding photos so that when the day comes you will be relaxed and the photos come out great.

Candid pictures come out best, and there is no beating that. You can even ask them to use drones to capture your moments from every angle. The drone can go where hands cannot and capture angles that even professional photographers can’t



There is much miscellaneous stuff that needs to be arranged at weddings like a grand wedding cake, return wedding favors, welcome kits for the guests, fireworks to make your grand day memorable. Hiring a Mehendi artist and a lot more. The little things need much attention too. A wedding planner will come in handy for this.

You can ask the hotel for a discount when booking the rooms for the guests. Bulk orders usually have benefits like using free laundry service and no charge for the minibar.

As for the things that need running around like sashes, lehenga, tiara, sherwani, gown, satellites, tuxedoes and other things we will make sure that there are capable and expert hands taking care of it as you have a lot on your hands as it is.


Best time to host wedding in Goa

A destination wedding in Goa is picture perfect when held between Octobers – April. It is the best time to hold weddings as Goa is at its best. The peaceful skyline, the swaying palm trees, scenic landscapes, the most magnificent sunsets, and sea waves that win your heart. Though the latest themes are monsoon weddings between June- Septembers we won’t recommend as there are heavy, non-stop showers.


Tips for destination wedding in Goa

Giving back to Mother Earth:

  • You can use jute\cloth or paper bags to give wedding favors and return gifts. These not only add class to the gifts but also save the environment.
  • Use fake flowers instead of the real deal; they do not smell as good but provide the same visuals. These flowers can also be used for several other functions.
  • Many places give leftover food to the needy. This little deed will shower you and your spouse with countless blessings.


Plan well ahead of time. It’s better to inform guests sooner as they can choose their mode of transport. Flight tickets are cheaper, the earlier they are booked.

A Destination wedding needs a lot more attention and detail than regular ones.

Choosing the venue: 

There are places in Goa that look like they have been pulled out of a magazine. Nature is more than enough to serve as your decor. You might want to plan your wedding in the day time as it can cut you many costs. You don’t need many decorations or any lights at all.

Hire Vendors:

Hire people who can give you multiple services so that you can get discounts on packaged deals. You can even save more by negotiating and be saved from the chaos of calling different people when need be.

Pre Wedding visit: 

You have planned all that’s needed to be planned, you have ordered and booked, You have already planned out every intricate detail and are waiting for it to turn out perfect.

However, things happen better under supervision. We recommend you take a tour of the venue once before your wedding, talk to our specialists so that they can understand your taste and plan accordingly to what you may like.

Compromising on the little stuff:

Compromise is a part of the wedding preparations if you cannot fit your desires under budget, it’s better to find an alternative. If the tulips you want to import, take a toll on the budget then you can settle for roses. If the stage decoration you choose is way too much, you can settle for a simpler one. The ultimate goal is, after all, getting married to your loved one and staying blissfully happy with each other.

Rock your invites:

Invitation cards cost a lot, but these days with technology being advanced, there are options such as designing invitations and sending through the phone. The number one option would be to develop a wedding invitation website for guests. The other best option that saves some cash is sending e-invites. This will add class to your wedding and intrigue the guests.

Unforgettable memories:

A wedding is when our best memories are created, and we need to be present and enjoy every bit and piece of it, missing out on nothing, we need someone to take care of the planning to make it perfect. This is where our wedding planners come in. They are experts and can handle any problematic situation that arises. This way, you create unforgettable memories and miss out on nothing.

Whom to invite?

We surely want everyone to be present at our wedding, but of course, holding a destination wedding means fewer guests. Trim your guest list only to those who have a special place in your heart like only family and close friends. This way, you don’t need to spend your Time on formalities and pleasing everyone.


Cost of destination wedding in Goa

If you are deliberating how much it costs, let us tell you the cost of a Goa wedding. A destination wedding in Goa can be a bit heavier than expected depending on the kind of wedding you are looking for. Though booking several rooms gives you benefits such as discounts, free minibar service, and laundry. Finding a venue close to the airport can help you save on the traveling cost. You can also ask your relatives to drive down to town and transport your bags as you can save on the cost of extra baggage on flights. We have to admit the lehengas and other things required for a wedding are pretty heavy

We have the cost right here for you; This includes accommodation, catering, and the venue.

  1. Cost for budget wedding – INR 20 lakhs
  • Days-3
  • Guests-100
  • Venue – 3-4 star
  1. Cost for mid-range wedding – INR 35 lakhs
  • Days-2
  • Guests-130
  • Venue – 4 star hotel
  1. Cost for extravagant wedding- INR 60-70 lakhs.
  • Days- 3
  • Guests- 200
  • Venue- 4/5 star hotel or resort

Accommodation acquires the significant cost of the wedding and takes about 50%-60% of it, that’s a huge chunk that goes. Then comes the wedding decor, food, and photography.

If you have a low budget planned for your wedding, then you can have the wedding off-season which will cost 25%-50 % lesser than the wedding season. Choose accommodation that’s close by and set aside about 3-5 lakhs for miscellaneous stuff like for the Mehendi artist, the MUA and so on. Professional photographers are not cheap, you may have to keep aside anywhere from 2-4 lakhs, and we recommend you not to compromise and only hire the best.

There are always some unexpected expenditures that pop out of nowhere. It’s a given. So we advise you keep a lump sum aside for such situations


Role of wedding planner
Role of wedding planner

When it comes to the wedding ceremony, it isn’t easy for them to be successful unless multiple people are running behind the scenes. A wedding planner will save you from all the frustration. To make sure that the beach is left speckless after the wedding, the Goan authority charges a small amount as a deposit to hold beach weddings. Hiring A wedding planner will make all the procedures easy for you.

As for the other things since you are unfamiliar around the streets of Goa, you can leave all the planning to capable hands. All you have to do is pamper yourself and relax for the big day and leave all the other stuff to the experts.

We hope all goes well according to plan and your wedding is exactly how you desire.