Like a marriage proposal, there are usually tears, hugs and kisses, and there’s an unusual element of surprise when asking your friend to be your bridesmaid. A lot of thought, consideration and planning often go into asking your friend to be your bridesmaid. There’s no diamond, but there’s love. To make it more special don’t forget to capture these poses with bridesmaids on your wedding day.

1. Bridesmaids looking at the Dressed-up Bride

Poses with Bridesmaids

Source- Pinterest

With the hand on the heart and a shocking smile ” that how can someone be so beautiful”, bridesmaids looking at the dressed-up bride. One of the most natural pose among poses with bridemaids , when they look at you with this gesture. Like Alia Bhatt looks at her best friend Kripa Mehta.


2. Super-power poses with Bridesmaids

Poses with Bridesmaids


A pose in which bride pose like she has super power and apply them on her bridesmaids. A very cool pose with you Chuddy-buddies. This Innovates and brings out the craziness present in you.


3. A Group Photo while shouting

Poses with Bridesmaids


You are very known to this pose. Remember the school class photograph with teachers. A group pose with all the bridesmaids while shouting is just awsommme.


4. Crazy poses with Bridesmaids

Poses with Bridesmaids


An insane pose with the bridesmaids is just amazing. While doing weird positions of the body and creepy smiles on the face.


5. Pose with a tag introducing  every Bridesmaid

Source- WedMeGood

Bridesmaids Holding the Tag that introduce them that how they meets bride is a very different pose. While bride stand in between and smiling.


6. Bridesmaids dressing up the bride.

Poses with Bridesmaids

Source- Vogue

A most famous pose where bridesmaids help the bride in dressing up, wearing jewellery and all. This pose is the prettiest one.


7. A pose on Happy place

Poses with Bridesmaids

Source- Photobook blog

Enjoy with your bridesmaids while posing on Bed(everyone’s happy place) is just too outstanding. It is fun-able to throw cushions on each other.


8. A Cutiepie pose while dancing

Poses with Bridesmaids


One of the most beautiful pose among other poses with Bridesmaids. Pose like a Cutiepie while dancing with your bridesmaids on the dance floor.


9. Pose like a Drunk lady

Poses with Bridesmaids


Pose ideal for your bacheloratte. Just hold on some drink bottles and pose like no one see.Bride can sit on the table while bridemaids can stand and sit or lying on the floor.


10. Pose like a fashionista

Poses with Bridesmaids


Pose with your bridesmaids like a fashionista or top model with an attitude on face.