Weddings are important because they celebrate life and possibility.

A wedding, a great wedding, is just a blast. A celebration of romance and community and love..

For some, Wedding may be a dream come true and for some, it may be the beginning of a new dream. Weddings are more than just a union of two individuals, it’s a new journey, not just for the couple but the families, as well. Hence, we expect it to be the best of the best in decoration, entertainment, food, functions and most importantly the VENUE.

Destination weddings are a new trend catching up people’s attention. Be it getting away from the chaotic life of metro cities, or the thrill of this unknown but exotic land. Without a denial, some people get fascinated by the sands and the beaches whereas some, royalty-seeking souls, are amused by the heritage, wishing for a traditional touch and go for the theme of a wedding which makes them live like royals in this present modern world. To get to experience these vibes at one wedding is now made possible. With the most vibrant colors, the most authentic foods and the most benevolent hospitality, a wedding venue like those of the maharajas in Jaipur is all that you need. Pink City is a major tourist attraction spot since ages and is highly sought after venue for destination weddings. Holding prime importance in every couple’s life, it becomes more magical when you actually get to live like a Maharaja and a Maharani on your big day.

So let’s look at the possible and striking options under the wedding venues’ category in Jaipur. There is an availability of a variety of palaces for all the people – families, extended families, relatives, friends, friends of friends and everyone else on your wedding guests’ list. Who wouldn’t prefer a completely traditional wedding with the heritage touch anyway?

Want to get married in Jaipur? Here is some best Venues In Jaipur

Option 1: Samode Bagh Palace:

The Vogue magazine’s cover page was shot at the grand Samode Bagh Palace with the highest-paid and super-famous international model Kendall Jenner. An Indian actor Shushant Singh Rajput making the Samode Bagh Palace more apt and in demand amongst the modern couples these days.

Venues In Jaipur

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Option 2: City Palace:

City Palace is one great palace which attracts most of the people simply to praise its one-of-a-kind-beauty, making the visitors end up coming to Jaipur for just a glimpse. Be it the wedding celebrations or, the pre- or post-wedding events, City palace is an easy decision.

Venues In Jaipur

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Option 3: Alila Fort:

If you wish to book an entire fort for the wedding to avoid the inconvenience of guests’ staying in far-off hotels, you can go for Alila fort.

Venues In Jaipur


Option 4: Raj Palace Hotel:

To add modern touches for our young couples, we have Raj Palace Hotel in Hotel Diggi palace, Nazarbagh Palace.

Venues In Jaipur

Option 5: Shiv Vilas:

Shiv Vilas is a charming heritage property preserved the way it was when originally built. It is located 9 kms away from our very own Amer fort in Jaipur. Shiv Vilas offers all the facilities and saves our time of traveling, holding back the attention of guests like a charm. Each room is given its own royal look, is spacious and clean. It provides with traveling and parking facilities as well.There are options in dining which includes oriental cuisine and sheesh mahal which serves authentic Indian food. There are barbeque restaurants and a very fancy crystal bar for you to dig in.


Option 6: Loha Garh Fort Resort:

Loha Garh Fort Resort is an elegant resort located on the foothills of Kukas. It is a major attraction for tourists as with the wedding arrangements for the guests, Loha Garh also provides fun activities to keep the guests entertained – activities including Nature’s photography, Adventure activities, and those for children as well. It has a massive pool to relax in, for the couples, kids and families, alike, and offers the guests to go to hold their parties at this poolside as well. It also provides with rental car services to make it all the more convenient.


Option 7:  The Jai Bagh Palace:

The Jai Bagh Palace is also one of the beautiful places to go for a destination wedding in Jaipur. It provides with continental breakfast on-site restaurant and has all the variety of cuisines. It has a well-trained staff for guidance. Under games, there is a playground for children and table tennis and billiards for adults.


Option 8: The Vijayan Palace by Royal Quest Resorts:

The Vijayan Palace is set in Jaipur. It has all the facilities to entertain the guests. Staff who can converse in the both the languages well enough to guide the guests is provided. Entertainment is provided along with free wifi. Some rooms also provide their own private terrace to enjoy the view from the top.


Option 9: Achrol Niwas:

Achrol Niwas is located in Chappar ki Dhani in Tehsil Amer. It interests people the most with its concept of 3 types of rooms – The Earth house, The Water house, and The Tree house. Every room is unique in its own way and offers a worthwhile experience. There are pools in the private villas which is a bliss for the guests and kids.


Option 10: Rambagh Palace:

Rambagh Palace is this one property which might give you a reason to visit jaipur again and again.Beautifully maintained like the Mahal’s we used to have earlier.It also havs this very famous restaurant themed as a Train with a beautiful view.The stay is remembered by all and will add shining stars to wedding for sure.It is a happy place for all.


Not just the ones listed above, you may also consider these hotels for an in-budget destination wedding in Jaipur:

Option 1: Alsisar Haveli: Alsisar Haveli is a charming property which was built in 1892 and now has been converted into a beautiful hotel. It is located on the Mirza Ismail Road, more commonly, known as the MI Road in Jaipur. It is in the center of the Pink City. With the modern touch in the haveli, it makes the overall stay more comfortable for the guests. The terrace also offers the view of  Nahargarh Fort, Hawa Mahal, and City Palace.


Option 2: Mandawa Haveli: Mandawa Haveli is located in the middle of the city on Sansar Chandra Road. The hotel provides with the heritage feels along with the new day facilities. The hotel offers an intimate restaurant with a garden view focusing on the Indian cuisines with a special effect on candlelight dinners. There are gala evenings of folk dances and a variety of music available to go to.

Option 3: Grand Uniara: Grand Uniara is located in Tilak Nagar, Jaipur. It is a beautiful heritage hotel with more than 5 type of restaurants. It provides the guests with the best garden view with the restaurants situated in 5 different locations of the hotel. As the name speaks for itself, the stay in Grand Uniara is as grand as it could be.


Option 4: Woods Villa: Woods Villa is located on the Agra road, Jaipur. It is a complete package in itself with all the facilities. Woods Villa is located in between the greenery which makes it more loving and peaceful. Swimming pools give a refreshing feel to the property.

Option 5: Rajmahal Palace: Rajmahal Palace is another lavish property to hold a lavish and memorable wedding. It feels like a stay in the home of a Maharaja itself. Airport from the hotel is hardly 10 km away which makes the stay of the guest more comfortable and less time-consuming. Rambagh Palace is a whole new world in the city itself.


Option 6: Narain Niwas: Narain Niwas was self-designed by the then Thakur of Kanota General Amar Singh Ji. It provides with all the modern amenities and place where you can enjoy the World famous Rajput hospitality. Even the walls decor is a typically bold color. Every corner gives a royal feel and gives a different touch to a wedding.

Option 7: Diggi Palace: Diggi Palace is located on Shivaji Marg, C-Scheme, Jaipur. It is an annual venue of the famous Jaipur Literature Festival, held in the month of January in Jaipur. With the best food and a location suitable to those looking for wedding destinations in Jaipur, Diggi Palace offers the prime facilities. The very friendly staff is a great help to the people who visit Jaipur for the first time. This hotel is 150 golden years old.


Option 8: Hari Mahal Palace: Hari Mahal Palace is situated in the Civil Lines area of the city. Weddings held here are filled with the best nonvegetarian and vegetarian food. It also provides an underwater pool for private parties. It has different wings for the choices of rooms like heritage wing, deluxe wing so we can choose accordingly. Artwork from the Achrol and Pachar family compliment the heritage amebience with its vibrant colors.

Option 9: ITC Rajputana: ITC Rajputana is located on the Jaipur Palace Road. It is one of the famous places which holds poolside weddings and also provides with banquets to choose from. Juice upon arrival, complimentary prunes, breakfast buffet are all the perks one can enjoy during their stay. Terrace decorations for weddings are also done beautifully.


Option 10: Umaid Bhawan Heritage House Hotel: Umaid Bhawan Heritage House Hotel is a beautifully heritage-styled hotel. Ranked as one of the best hotels in Jaipur it’s a comfortable home away from home with one of the best hospitality in town.Its Rajasthani ambiance and the service has been recommendable.

Alright, so the lists for destination wedding venues in Jaipur are just endless.

Coming to the accommodations’ arrangements for those on the guests’ list, we have plenty of good hotels and BnB options to choose from. Near to the wedding venue, just in the vicinity of the market area, please suit yourself from the following:

Option 1: Karuna Niwas homestays located in Peelwa Gardens, Raja Park area, Jaipur. It’s a guesthouse run by a father-daughter duo and is comfortable as it is their specialty of making the guests feel like at home. They serve the best food and complimentary breakfast. And travelling is not an issue because of its close vicinity to the Main Market of the locality.


Option 2: Naila bagh is turned into this majestic hotel with affordable prices and witnessing the Rajput hospitality as well.With many tourist attractions, this is also a part of tourists in jaipur. With ambiance is also the good food which is also a reason to stay there.

Option 3: Jai Niwas is located on the very famous MI Road. Featuring homely stays and landscaping grounds. With natural vegetation in the middle of the city, Jai Niwas makes you feel like you are away from the hustle bustle of the city being in the city itself.

Option 4 Hotel Bissau Palace is located in the old city amid the orange and gooseberry plantations. It features a swimming pool and reserved parking for the guests which is free of charge. The hotel is very close to the railway station as well as the bus stand.

Option 5 Haveli kalwara is located in the center of the city. It provides all the facilities of free parking as well as free wifi. It also holds a very strong touch of the heritage and has preserved it well with all the modern facilities.


Hope Our Articlehelp you out,by providing all the best hotels in all categories of Jaipur for Destination wedding.

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We named it, now you book it, for a royal Destination Wedding in Jaipur.

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