Let’s begin with congratulating all those bachelors and bachelorettes who will be marrying in 2020! Now’s the time when there will be discussion on venues, decorator, caterer, choreographer and so on. But before you begin this new phase of life, you must first start taking decision on the important part of your wedding – a wedding date in 2020!

Why you should consider wedding dates seriously?

  • As per Hindu customs, there are many auspicious periods present during a year that bode well for a long sustaining relationship. Ancestors have always placed preference over these dates.
  • For the modern couple, it is important to pay attention to ease and comfort while selecting a wedding date. A weekend wedding can prove to be a relaxing affair not just for the prime family but also for the guests.
  • Also, with so many errands to take care before a wedding, it is important to set a date that comes at least six months from now.
  • If you wish to host a destination wedding in the most relaxing manner, we recommend planning a year in advance.

How astrologers calculate muhurat & wedding dates?

Since there are different stances taken by renowned Pandits, there is no single, unique way about to find out wedding dates. Generally, astrologists, with the help of positions of elements in solar system, determine auspcious time periods called muhurats. Apart from positions, birth charts of couple (Janam Kundlis) are used by Pandit to pick few dates.

As prevalent in India, your family’s Panditji will be looking up for wedding dates that will provide auspicious beginning to your new life. Since the auspicious dates for Hindu wedding are widely available, we would like to enable you to be one step ahead by sharing the auspicious wedding dates along with  muhurat (time period).

Muhurats & Wedding Dates in 2020


January 2020

As spring kicks in, January is synonymous to new beginnings. With new resolutions and beautiful weather, you can look forward to tie the knot. January, being the first month of the year, is considered to be auspicious by and bring health, wealth and fortune.

There are eight wedding dates in January, with weekends falling only on 18th. January will have 4 back to back wedding dates from 15th -18th.

Marriage DateMuhuratNakshatra
15th January (Wednesday)07:19 to 21:14Uttara Phalguni
16th January (Thursday)20:32 to 26:31Hasta
17th January (Friday)25:13 to 31:19Swati
18th January (Saturday)07:19 to 12:26Swati
20th January (Monday)07:59 to 23:30Anuradha
29th January (Wednesday)12:14 to 31:15Uttara Bhadrapada
30th January (Thursday)07:15 to 31:14Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati
31st January (Friday)07:14 to 11:26Revati



The month of February marks celebration of love. It is an important month especially for the modern couples. Many millenials choose a date from the week preceding Valentine’s Day. This gives them opportunity to make their anniversaries in future memorable. 

In the month of love, weekend wedding dates are 9th & 16th. February will be the second busiest month with 10 dates auspicious for marriage.

03rd February (Monday)24:52 to 30:14Rohini
09th February (Sunday)25:04 to 31:08Magha
10th February (Monday)07:08 to 11:33Magha
11th February (Tuesday)26:52 to 31:06Uttara Phalguni
12th February (Wednesday)07:06 to 23:38Uttara Phalguni, Hasta
16th February (Sunday)07:03 to 11:50Anuradha
18th February (Tuesday)14:32 to 30:07Mula
25th February (Tuesday)19:11 to 30:54Uttara Bhadrapada
26th February (Wednesday)06:54 to 30:53Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati
27th February (Thursday)06:53 to 17:28Revati

Wedding dates in March 2020

March 2020

With winters almost finishing, March is a time when you can wed in a pleasant weather. You can also choose a date when Holi is around the corner and have a colorful wedding.

You can plan for a Holi celebration cum pool party on 10th March and have your wedding on 11th. 8th March will be the only weekend date for wedding.

Marriage Dates MuhuratNakshatra
02nd March (Monday)25:26 to 30:48Rohini
03rd March (Tuesday)06:48 to 30:47Rohini, Mrigashirsha
04th March (Wednesday)06:47 to 11:24Mrigashirsha
08th March (Sunday)12:12 to 27:03Magha
11th March (Wednesday)08:12 to 19:00Hasta
12th March (Thursday)16:16 to 24:04Swati


April 2020With April having many wedding dates, it will be quite busy time for suppliers. It is advisable to book them in advance. In April, many destination weddings happen in hill station as afterwards, the resorts will be jam packed with tourists. In case, you are planning for a destination wedding, be cautious of the exam dates which may affect some of your guests. 

This year April will feature back to back weekend wedding dates on 25th & 26th.

Marriage Dates
Shubh Vivah
For Marriage
14th April (Tuesday)19:41 to 29:59Uttara Ashadha
15th April (Wednesday)05:59 to 21:04Uttara Ashadha
25th April (Saturday)20:58 to 29:49Rohini
26th April (Sunday)05:49 to 23:55Rohini


May 2020It is quite important to avoid outdoor venues as it will be quite hot any time of the day. A pool party can be a great relief for your wedding guests. Brides also need to be careful with their makeup. Hence, a cool spot in wedding can be a relief.

In case you are planning for 2 days destination wedding, you may avoid 2nd May as your suppliers my have their labour on holiday on 1st May. As always, May remains the busiest wedding month with 12 dates on offer.

02nd May (Saturday)06:44 to 23:40Magha
04th May (Monday)08:36 to 29:41Uttara Phalguni, Hasta
05th May (Tuesday)05:41 to 16:39Hasta
06th May (Wednesday)13:51 to 19:44Swati
08th May (Friday)08:38 to 12:57Anuradha
10th May (Sunday)08:04 to 28:13Mula
12th May (Tuesday)05:36 to 28:54Uttara Ashadha
17th May (Sunday)13:59 to 29:33Uttara Bhadrapada
18th May (Monday)05:33 to 29:32Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati
19th May (Tuesday)05:32 to 13:10Revati
23rd May (Saturday)11:45 to 29:30Rohini
24th May (Sunday)05:30 to 29:30Mrigashirsha


June 2020With the temperatures soaring, indoor halls are a must in case you choose a wedding date in this month. Many of your guests might find it convenient to attend your wedding if it falls on a date in June with summer vacations going on.

In 2020, June will be the last month before off season starts. There will be 7 dates having muhurats with three falling on weekend.

09th June (Tuesday)05:27 to 11:28Uttara Ashadha
13th June (Saturday)21:28 to 29:27Uttara Bhadrapada
14th June (Sunday)05:27 to 29:27Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati
15th June (Monday)05:27 to 16:30Revati
25th June (Thursday)18:12 to 29:29Magha
26th June (Friday)05:29 to 11:26Magha
28th June (Sunday)13:45 to 20:14Hasta

No wedding dates in July, August, September & October 2020

These four months fall under ‘no saya’ periods offering no wedding dates. On the positive side, you will find vendors available for your wedding. You will also be able to get off season discount for any date you choose. A destination wedding in Udaipur can be a great option during these months as weather will be quite pleasant.

Wedding dates in November 2020

November 2020November brings back sizzling wedding industry back to life after a break of four months. It is that time of the year when wedding destinations like Goa, Rajasthan and even Thailand are at their peak.

Only 2 wedding dates seems to be having muhurats. None of these sates are falling on weekends.

Marriage Dates
Shubh Vivah
For Marriage
25th November (Wednesday)06:56 to 15:54Uttara Bhadrapada
30th November (Monday)07:00 to 31:01Rohini


Wedding dates in December 2020

December 2020

In December, in case you wish to host a wedding in a hotel or resort, it will be easy on your wallet if you choose any date before 15th. Dates after 15th are more popular for NRI weddings.

With only five dates in December, destination wedding resorts will be in great demand as December is one of the most favorite month for Indian weddings. 7th, 8th & 9th December are back to back wedding dates with muhurats.

Marriage Dates
Shubh Vivah
For Marriage
01st December (Tuesday)07:01 to 31:02Rohini, Mrigashirsha
07th December (Monday)07:20 to 14:33Magha
08th December (Tuesday)13:48 to 31:07Uttara Phalguni
09th December (Wednesday)07:07 to 26:07Uttara Phalguni, Hasta
11th December (Friday)08:48 to 15:52Swati

Note – 24-hour clock with Indian Standard Time adjusted for all Muhurat timings (if applicable)

Inauspicious wedding dates in 2020

Due to some Hindu traditions, some dates are considered inauspicious and given below along with reasons.

Kharmaas 15th March 14th April
Chaaturmas 4th July 13th Nov
Tara Asta31st May 9th June
Shraadh 1st Sept 17th Sept
All dates falling on solar and lunar eclipse

Important tips for wedding dates:

  1. A muhurat is a time duration which is believed to be very lucky for important phases of life like wedding. These muhurats can be considered for couples of all culture.
  2. There are certain dates in the calendar known as Abhuj Sava. These are so auspicious that you can go ahead with them with blind faith.
  3. If you are considering wedding on dates having public holidays like weekends, national holidays, it is advisable to book vendors in advance  as there is high demand on such periods.

PLEASE NOTE: The dates given are general in nature. Since, people following different traditions may have different opinion about wedding dates, some of these dates may not be auspicious. Hence, it is advisable to consult your pandit for the exact date based on your kundalis!